Green Comfort Nano-Shield is a green-tech nano coating that reduces IR transmission by 85% and UV by 95% for up to 10 years.
The product acts similar to film tints but it does not generate any hydrocarbon waste at the end of the product lifecycle and is more cost competitive compared to similar film based products.

Global warming is a reality and each household is consuming more power at an increasing rate. Energy cost is also ever increasing as resources get scarcer. Our Nano-shield was created to ensure that your house stays cool and to help reduce your electricity cost.
Did you know?
Heating and cooling represent nearly
50% of a typical home energy budget. Windows & doors are the most significant source of heat transfer in a home, regardless of climate or season.

1. Green Product with a 10 years warranty
2. 30% cheaper compared to existing equivalent solutions
3. No heat reflection
4. No future maintenance
5. Energy Savings guaranteed and a reduced carbon footprint
6. Instant savings upon installation - ROI 1.5 - 2 years *
* Based on the structure of the building.
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